What is Zaplist Hub

Zaplist Hub, a venture under Zaplist Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a revolutionary business model which will provide the benefits of both online and offline shops. It is the mass connect points of the successfully running E-Commerce site www.zaplist.in where customers will have the luxury of choosing and buying a wide variety of National & International products not easily accessible to the Tier 2-4 cities. Researches have suggested that 60% of Indian population with internet access still fear to shop online owing to the lack of trust in unknown companies and people not related to them. We are exactly trying to harness the benefits of that trust factor and making online shopping a more trusted and easily viable option for Indian masses.

With Zaplist Hub we are offering Franchisees to any individual/company with a PAN card, with or without shop space and with a computer/laptop to kick start their own business in no time. They will get instant access to 10,000+ national & international products on their shop shelf and ready to sale without maintaining any inventory and all the risks associated with it. They will earn a commission up to 30% of sale value instantly on every sale they make which they will be able to completely check and monitor real time in the web application provided by us. Zaplist hub gives the Franchise an opportunity to spread its wings so widely that it will be able to do business nationally and that too under the trust and support of India's well known brand Gee Pee . We will be providing unmatched training and support to each Franchisee to help them learn the nitty gritties of the online shopping world and help open their minds towards the fast paced technology world and remove the fear of losing their brick and mortar shop customers to the E-Commerce portals. Apart from the above Franchisee benefits, we will even go out of our ways to promote the Franchisees in their locality with the best ATL/BTL activities which will increase their store footfall and ultimately their own sales. Zaplist Hub brings the best of the brands to the doorsteps of customers, while offering unlimited earning potential to our franchisee partners for a nominal investment.

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